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Why Do Pastors Hide This Part Of The Holy Bible From The Youth?


Religion is something that’s very crucial, integral, vital as well as important to people in this world.

There are many types of Religions in the world which gives everyone an opportunity or freedom to join any kind of Religion he or she wants.

But there are two outstanding Religions in the world that are on top of the rest.

These are; Christianity and Islam.

Christianity was introduced into the world fully by Jesus Christ while Islam was fulfilled as well as introduced fully on this lithosphere by Prophet Mohammed.

With Christianity, we have populous number of pastors, Bishops, Prophets, prophetess, and many more while Islam only have Prophet Mohammed as their Prophet and an Immam who leads them in prayers.

In point of fact, there are many professions in Christianity as already listed above.

But the unfortunate thing is that Some pastors always skip or hide some aspects of the Holy Bible without preaching it to the youth (people of God).

There’s a version or part in the Holy Bible that says that the youth has a chance to enjoy themselves and do whatever they want, but should be ready to be judged according to whatever they do on this Earth.


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