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We Don’t Have Leaders In Ghana, But We Have Users – Efia Odo


Andrea Owusu is an illustrious Ghanaian female social media activist and an actress in the movie industry known on stage as Efia Odo.

Andrea Owusu famously recognized as Efia Odo was once a lieutenant nurse in the United States and later on migrated to Ghana.

In point of fact, Andrea Owusu aka Efia Odo has disclosed her Caprice to the media public precisely Ghanaians.

According to Andrea Owusu publicly recognized as Efia Odo, Ghanaians don’t have leaders but rather users.

Again, the Ghanaian youth won’t get anything to develop the country talkless of getting something important for themselves in few years to come. Andrea Owusu stated.

In conclusion, Andrea Owusu speculated to the media public that if Ghanaians expecially the youth don’t wake up and unite to fight against corruption, Ghana will soon become a very bitter place to dwell.


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