Home Politics Upper East NPP Youth Organizer Is Dead.

Upper East NPP Youth Organizer Is Dead.


The New Patriotic Party (NPP) youth organizer of Upper East Region, Latif Solomon has parted ways with the living.

Credible information gathered stipulates that honourable Latif Solomon has been sick for some couple of months ago and was sent to hospital for treatment.

According to report from the late honourable Latif Solomon’s family, they tried all their possible best by taking him to hospital including herbal treatment but all their efforts ended up in vain.

As the adage goes “whatever God says is final and no one can change it” therefore they toiled themselves to save his life but they couldn’t. The family sadly revealed.

May Almighty Allah grand him a better place at his right hand side till the day of resurrection. Rest in perfect peace, Latif Solomon.


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