Home Art And Culture Stop Advertising The Dead – Efia Odo Fires.

Stop Advertising The Dead – Efia Odo Fires.


Andrea Owusu is a famed Ghanaian female actress and social media activist.

Andrea Owusu is known by the media publicity as Efia Odo.

Andrea Owusu aka Efia Odo has promised nowadays to voice out anything she see to be inessential or extraneous to the anthropogenics.

With that, she has descended heavily on the people of Kumasi which is the capital of Ashanti Region.

Andrea Owusu uttered that the only thing the people of Ashanti Region do is to advertise the dead.

Again, Andrea Owusu alias Efia Odo vowed that the only thing she sees in Kumasi is billboards of the dead without anything distinct.

Therefore, the people of Ashanti Region (Kumasi) should stand on their feet and do or say something about it because she doesn’t apprehend what’s going on. Andrea Owusu (Efia Odo).


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