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Sad: How A Grown Up Guy Was Captured In A Video Defecating Into A Gutter.


Indeed, things has been clearly stated that before we can fix our beloved country Ghana we need to fix our attitude as well.

This is because some of us the Ghanaian people have an outstanding behaviour which will always ruin everything if not changed or fixed.

Am pounding on this because a well grown up guy was captured or filmed in a video defecating into a gutter and immediately he realized the filming he got up and was running.

Honestly, these are some of the things some people have been doing since the emergence of this great nation and it’s disgusting and won’t yield us any positive result which we need to put an end to it.

Though, it could be that there’s no any public “toilet” facility over there for him to go and ease himself but, he could have gone to somewhere in the bush to have himself cleaned.

Let’s all keep our geographical localities clean.


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