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One Thing I Do Everyday.


As I was a child my interest was about reading and writing of articles which made my parents bought me a lot of books.

Therefore, it made me to have more interest and knowledge about articles and writing as well since we write to read.

With regards to this, I promised myself to always get closer to books in order to broaden my knowledge and empower it with plenty knowledge and skills.

Indeed, reading and writing was the only thing that kept me happy always up till date.

So I really like reading and writing because it makes me feel so good and happy since I get many good things from it.

In point of fact, article writing and reading is what I really do everyday in order to make myself very happy and also broaden my knowledge as well as putting smile on people’s faces by writing interesting, unique, and original content.

Writing doesn’t only make you knowledgeable or happy, but also put food on your table.

This is because many people called (authors) write articles, books, magazines and many more to sell and make money.

Others also write for their blog site and get paid by Google due to the number of clicks an article generates.


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