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Nana Agradaa “Vanishes” From Court After Proceedings This Morning – Angel TV Confirms.


Angel TV correspondent from the court Confirmed that Nana Agradaa ” vanished” from Accra Circuit Court premises after proceedings this morning.

According to Angel TV journalist, all the journalist that lined up their cameras to capture Nana Agradaa returning from the court were disappointed as she never showed up coming out of the court building.

” I can authoritatively State that Nana Agradaa has vanished from the court premises after the court proceedings this morning. When she was coming, we were able to capture her.

However after the proceedings, she never came out. we Suspect that she has vanished.” The journalist explained over the telephone.

The Man reading the News in the studio added that, he is not surprised because Nana Agradaa’s former husband Nana Akakpo had similar vanishing powers. So it’s not surprising that Agradaa could vanish.

However, other people were of the view that Agradaa could have used another exit door to escape the television and media cameras.

In other news, the prosecutor in Agradaa’s case expressed disappoinment that, Nana Agradaa has secretly gone to the National Communication Authority to renew her TV licence.


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