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Muslims Declares Twene Jonas Wanted World Wide.


Indeed, Islam is one of the most vibrant Religions in this anthropogenic dwelling place.
There are about 50 countries where populous or majority of them are Muslims therefore, Islam is a very vibrant Religion in the whole world.

As a matter of fact, Islam was introduced specifically to the whole world by Holy Prophet Mohammed (Allah’s Messenger).

Therefore, Muslims believe in Prophet Mohammed as their Prophet and a messenger of Allah.

In a foresight glance, Muslims around the entire world has declared a young male Ghanaian based United States of America called Twene Jonas wanted.

Twene Jonas is a Ghanaian who leaves in America and always criticising Ghanaian leaders on social media for not doing well in administration.

With that, he extended his criticism to Islam as a Religion by criticising Muslims for not doing good by not contributing to development of their country.

Finally, Twene Jonas also raised insolence words at Prophet Mohammed and that really angered the Muslims more by declaring him wanted.


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