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Most Expensive Tree Worldwide.


Clearly, there are uncountable number of trees in this earth with different names and uses.

Trees are naturally created to modify and beautify the natural environment, but there are also populous uses of them aside modification and beautification of the environment.

There are numerous names of trees in the world which include Wawa, Odum, Sapele, Framo, and many more.

All these trees are very expensive to buy at the timber market and they’re scarce in the forest.

In everything there’s always a second to none therefore, there’s a tree that’s most expensive tree in the world.

The name of the most expensive tree in the world is called Sandalwood.

Sandalwood is a class of woods from trees in the genus Santalum.

Sandalwood is a very heavy tree, yellow, fine-grained, unlike many other trees.

As a matter of fact, Sandalwood is noted and known as the world’s most expensive wood.

Sandalwood costs $20,000 per tree and this really depicts that Sandalwood isn’t an inferior tree.

Sandalwood is a tree that’s used for populous purposes and it can be transformed into different forms which include powder, and an oil form.


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