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Know The Reasons Why And How Birds Fly In The Sky Without Falling Down.


A bird is a warm blooded egg laying vertebrate animal distinct by the possession of feathers, wings, a beak, and being able to fly.

Indeed, birds are beautiful animals that fly in the sky and on trees as well. Birds are lovely and aesthetic vertebrate animals.

Birds are entertainng animals that people keep as pet. Example, Parrot. Parrot is a type of bird which people always keep as pet.

They’re also very Lovely by humanity because, some of them knows time very well to the extent that they cry when ever the clock reads up to an hour.

Names of birds are as follows; woodpecker, songbird, Herons, Finches, Owls and many more.

Sincerely, the most wonderful and tremendous aspect of birds is how they fly in the sky without falling down.

In point of fact, this is how and why birds fly without falling; the larger the mass ( how much something weghts), the larger the force of gravity.

For the bird to stay up, the bird must overcome gravity with a force called “lift”.

Lift is a very active force, made by moving the wing at speed through the air therefore, the above explanations shows how and why birds fly in the air or sky without falling down.


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