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Just In: John Dumelo Turns A Pharmacist.


John Dumelo is a Ghanaian politician, farmer and an actor in Ghallywood movie industry.

John Dumelo is a notable actor in Ghallywood (Ghana), and Nollywood (Nigeria).

John Dumelo is a notable politician in Ghana under the ticket of National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Unfortunately, John Dumelo lost the just ended election as a Member of Parliament (MP) to his opponent.

In point of fact, John Dumelo has introduced and educated Ghanaians about an important drug to cure worms in the human body.

According to John Dumelo, worms are very common in anthropogenics and are easily transmitted in areas where sanitation is very poor or bad.

Therefore, in order to keep ourselves healthy and strong we need to take in WORMBAT every three (3) months. John Dumelo speculated.

In conclusion, WORMBAT is a Number one dewormer for each and everyone to take, in order to get rid of illness, worms, and germs. Honourable John Dumelo.


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