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Joshua Cries For Help As He Has Been “Crippled” As A Result Of A Car Knock.


In point of fact, some people are very wicked and cruel to the extent that they don’t care about how people feel about harm they have caused them.

I’m lamenting this way because a young man called Joshua has been knocked down by a car which neither he can identify the driver nor registration number of the car.

Unfortunately, Joshua has been confined in his little shack for some couple of months helplessly.

The most pathetic aspect of it is that Joshua can’t stand on his feet talkless of walking so what he does is to wake up urinate into a bowl and pack them inside the same room he sleeps.

Untill someone visits him and empty them for him he will be sleeping with them. Indeed, this is so sad.

Finally, a telephone number has been given out for anyone who wishes to help Joshua with money to help him secure a better treatment and have himself a sound atmosphere to lay his head. This is the mobile money number; 0243858873, with the registration name (Nicholas Ayeba. You can also call the same line to clarify yourself before making any money transfer.


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