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I’m Serious With It. Don’t Call Me An Old Man – Francis Kwarteng Angrily Speaks.


Glorious Word Power Ministry International (GWPMI), Ghana is a well known church established by Prophet Francis Akoto Kwarteng.

Prophet Francis Akoto Kwarteng is seen as one of the oldest and eloquent prophets of God in the country.

Indeed, Prophet Francis Akoto Kwarteng has uttered a word of surprise to the public few hours ago.

The man of God was on live TV program titled Sunsum when the host said to him that he’s growing old nowadays.

And what Prophet Francis Akoto Kwarteng said to him was that he’s not old but a very strong and active man, though he has grey hair but that doesn’t mean that he’s grown.

“I’m not growing old please, I’m still strong and healthy to do the work of God”. Prophet Francis Akoto Kwarteng.


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