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If Keyboards Could Speak.


In point of fact, if keyboards could speak they would have told you to probably take a break so they can relax for some time.

This is because day-in-day out you use your mobile phone or laptop computer in the office to run many tasks thereby making them so intense.

That’s why keyboards would have spoken to you if they were to be able to speak or talk so that they can have rest and peace of mind.

Indeed, keyboards suffer a lot as they’re used to perform many important tasks each and every hour.

This always happen in offices where computers are used to perform specific functions as well as purposes.

Again, phone keyboards also suffer a lot in people’s hands due to populous chats, calls, browsing and a whole lot of things.

Though keyboards are meant for typing of words, but they’re being used intensively as well as unstoppably.

Therefore, that’s the reason why keyboards could have spoken to have rest if they were capable of speaking.

Finally, keyboards enables people’s to execute difficult tasks within some shortest period of time than if they were to use pens or pencils.


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