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How To Stay Vigilant In Life.


Vigilance is the action or State of keeping watchful and careful for danger or difficulties.

In point of fact, being vigilant is very important and necessary to every living soul on earth because, it prevents you from danger and many difficulties.

Clearly, no one expects difficulties neither danger, but problems are bound to happen to human beings therefore, it’s necessary to be extra careful or vigilant in order to protect yourself from such.

Being watchful, wide-awake, alert and vigilant for danger or an opportunity is vigilance and being vigilant doesn’t mean that being watchful and wide-awake for troubles or difficulties alone, but could be an opportunity or something good.

Below avails some important ways for one to be vigilant about him or herself;

  1. You must say something about what you see – this is for an important reason.
  2. Plain and Simple – if you get a bad feeling in your gut about a suspicious situation, then call for an appropriate assistance.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings – Avoid distructions when you’re out in public geographical localities.


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