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How To Start Or Create Your Own Religion.


A Religion is the belief in God or gods and the activities that are connected with the belief.

Indeed, there are numerous types of religion on this earth and each and everyone is entitled to join any of them without hesitation or damnation.

In Ghana forinstance there are only three recognized religions or religious groups which include Islam, Christianity, and Tradition.

Anyone in Ghana is free to join any kind of religious group he or she wants without any damnation.

Undoubtedly, populous people on this earth doubts or don’t believe if somebody can commence his or her own religion.

Indeed, somebody can commence his or her personal religious group without any restrictions or questions by following the processes below;

  1. You must create your own scripture.
  2. Affirm your own rituals.
  3. You must realize that in religion, nothing is just something.
  4. Remember you’re the founder and leader of your own religion, but not its God.
  5. There’s nothing wrong with borrowing.

Clearly, the processes listed above are what one can follow to start his or her own religion.


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