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How To Know You’re About To Die.


Indeed, death is something that’s irreversible, permanent, and cessation of all biological organisms on this lithosphere.

Death is unexpected and inevitable transmission from from the physical realm to spiritual realm.

With that, no one dies with the notion or been aware of his or death therefore, death is something that’s unexpected.

But, there are some signs that shows that someone is about to die or part ways with the living.

So when people commence to see things like this in their system then they start to repent from their bad deeds.

Below avails some signs that stipulates that someone is about to die; skin can become paper-thin and pale, with dark liver spots appraring on hands,feet and face.

Hair can also thin and the person may shrink in stature. Finay, teeth can also discolour or develop dark stains. All the above sings and symptoms shows that death is nearing someone.


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