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How To Fix Your MTN Network On Your Phone.


Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) is a South African cellular service provider and one of the strongest network in Africa.

Indeed, Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) is noted as the most available and strongest mobile network in Ghana.

Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) has about 17.83 million subscribers in Ghana which means that Ghanaians are really patronizing Mobile Telephone Network (MTN).

Almost 80% of Ghanaians use Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) service provider and this has made MTN a popular network in Ghana.

In point of fact, sometimes the network will just cut off which you can’t do anything about it meanwhile you have airtime as well as data bundle.

This is so annoyed to the extent that you may want to make a very serious and important call or check on something from the internet which you can’t.

Fortunately, in every situation there’s always a way out and for that reason this article shows some specific steps one can follow to fix Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) on his or her mobile phone.

The specific and necessary steps are as follows; To begin with, go to settings on your mobile phone.

In addition, click more network or mobile network. Again, click access point name.

More over, click MTN GPRS or MTN web, remove the proxy IP address; 10.199. 212.2.

Eventually, remove the port setting; 8080, then save and browse again.


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