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How To Cry Forcefully.


Many people sometimes want to force themselves to cry without any problem or hurt.

This is indeed serious and funny as well since no one hurts such people, but they force themselves to cry for fun, entertainment, and many more.

Indeed, this always happen to people who are in the movie industries like Kumawood, Ghallywood, Nollywood, and many others.

Such people force themselves to cry because they’re being given such roles to play or perform in the scene and for that matter they have to find ways and means to execute it.

Honestly, forcing yourself to let tears roll from your eyes or cry isn’t easy as it seems, but some people are extremely good at it.

This articles really teaches how to force yourself to cry or intentionally cry and below avails the steps or procedures;

To begin with, close your eyes and gently rub your eyelids for about 25 seconds, then open your eyes and stare at something until the tears start falling down.

In addition, this must take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, it can work wonders.

Eventually, this is how one can force him or herself to cry or cry intentionally.


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