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How Death Is Viewed In African Culture.


Africa is a very large expanse and vast continent in the world.

Indeed, Africa is noted as one of the largest and populous continent in this lithosphere (earth).

Africa is divided into five main subregions namely Northern Africa, Eastern Africa, Western Africa, Southern Africa, and middle Africa.

Clearly, Africans are people who are very loving and always ready to welcome people without hesitation.

With that, people travel from many parts of the world to Africa to observe things expecially Africans culture while others come for schooling.

Undoubtedly, people in different continents on this earth have their own culture and how it’s been celebrated or performed.

Therefore, Africans also have their own culture which is very nice, interesting, loving, peaceful, and tolerant.

People across the world with specific and unique cultures view death in different ways and understanding.

Base on Africa they have a unique way of viewing death which is the total transmission of a person from the physical world to the spiritual world.

Sincerely, Africans view death as a transmission of a person from the physical realm to the spiritual realm and for that matter when somebody dies it doesn’t mean that the person is gone forever, but has moved from the physical to the spiritual realm.

Therefore, the above view on death implies how Africans view or see death to be.


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