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Holidays: The Most Favourite Holidays I Ever Spent When I Was A Child.


During my infancy period of life I lived with my parents till I grew up before I was asked to stay alone.

This means that I really spent a lot of time as well as years with my biological parents where I was properly raised and trained.

My parents are so interested in education so they took me to school at the age of three (3).

My mother will wake up early every morning and bath me, get me properly dressed, and wait for the school bus to come and pick me to school.

Indeed, this really made me so happy and enthusiatic to have them as my biological parents.

They never allowed me to stay in the house when it’s not a holiday or being sick.

This means that I was always in school learning seriously with my mates. My parents would only let my rest during holidays.

With that, they promised to make me spend marvellous holidays with my choice of our family members.

During first term vacation holidays in class three (3), I told them that I want to spend that holidays with my uncle in Sunyani in the Bono Region of Ghana which they both agreed.

So during the vacation both my mother and father arranged everything and took me to my uncle in Sunyani to spend the holidays with him and that was the most favorite holidays I ever spent when I was a child.

I vividly know that you also have your favourite holidays you ever spent during childhood. Thank you for reading.


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