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Ghana Could See Worst Things In Few Days To Come. Captain Smart Speaks.


Captain God’sbrain Blessed Smart is an illustrious Ghanaian journalist whose name is spread across all the four corners of the country.

With his famous and popularity, he’s well known in Ghana by everyone both the elderly and Juvenile. Indeed, Captain God’sbrain Blessed Smart possess all the qualities a well trained journalist must have.

Captain God’sbrain Blessed Smart was initially working with Adom tv and later on moved to Angel Tv station which is foundered by Dr. Kwaku Oteng.

Unfortunately, Captain God’sbrain Blessed Smart has been suspended a week ago by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Angel Broadcast Network (abn), Dr. Kwaku Oteng.

Fortunately for Captain God’sbrain Blessed Smart, he has secured his own TV station titled “Smart TV Fearless” few days after his suspension from Angel Tv station. Indeed, this has become so amazing to Ghanaians.

Few hours ago, Captain God’sbrain Blessed Smart hosted a programe on his TV station concerning the Ghanaian youth demonstration that was prevented by Ghana police service at the Independence square.

According to Captain God’sbrain Blessed Smart, one of the most poisonous thing in this world is that when you prevent or stop people from expression their views or demonstrating physically the next thing from them could be more disastrous than what they intend doing initially.

Because, when you make someone feel pain within him or herself it hurts a lot than the person exhibiting it physically therefore, if care is not taken Ghana will soon see worst things than expected. Captain God’sbrain Blessed Smart revealed.


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