Home Celebrities Corner Full Details: I’m Totally Fed Up – Efia Odo.

Full Details: I’m Totally Fed Up – Efia Odo.


Andrea Owusu is a famed Ghanaian social media activist known on stage as Efia Odo.

Andrea Owusu famously recognized as Efia Odo was once a lieutenant nurse in the United States before relocating to Ghana.

Indeed, Andrea Owusu aka Efia Odo has fully submitted herself to Fixthecountry protest on Social Media.

With that, Efia Odo is seen and noted everywhere in Ghana all because of how solely she has involved herself in #FixTheCountry# protest.

Andrea Owusu has boldly disclosed her emotions about the protest she has been raising so high.

According to Andrea Owusu notably as Efia Odo, she is totally fed up with the protest since nothing good is coming out of it.

In addition, Efia Odo vowed to the media public that the leaders seem to intentionally turn deaf ears to the protest therefore, she can’t toil herself for nothing good.


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