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Difference Between Knowledge And Wisdom.


Indeed, learning is the process of acquiring new understanding, knowledge, skills, behaviours, values, attitudes, and preferences.

Learning is very important in every individual’s life therefore, no one should think that learning is meant for only students.

Clearly, learning is totally base on knowledge which the ability to know and the aim of learning can’t be achieved without knowledge.

Learning can’t take place or won’t be successful without knowing, which is (knowledge) therefore, knowledge is the main gist of learning.

In point of fact, some learners and people get confused with knowledge and wisdom.

The difference between knowledge and wisdom has been explained into details in this article below;

Knowledge is simply the act or process of knowing, or the information you have learned, so knowledge is a part while wisdom involves a healthy dose of perspective and the ability to make sound judgement about a subject.

Again, wisdom is the process of knowing when to say what’s learned, or the ability to use knowledge in a profound way.

Eventually, wisdom is the whole and goes beyond learning facts and includes making sense of those facts.


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