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Clear Difference Between May And Might.


Sincerely, English is a universal language on this earth which is spoken and heard as well as understood everywhere.

Being good at English will always make your travels very easy, simple, and more effectively.

In the sense that if you get lost or astray of where you’re going and ask somebody in English about the place you’re going the person will easily direct you to your migration center.

But if you speak any other languages like Asante, Bono, Ewe, Kusase, and many more the person might not be able to understand you because those languages aren’t universal.

In point of fact, others try all their possible best to speak good grammar, but get confused as well as wrong everyday as a result of misusage of words.

Indeed, many people get confused and don’t know how and when to use these two words may and might.

Here explains them clearly; may deals with situations that are possible or could be factual or real while might deals with situations that are speculative or didn’t happen, (hypothetical).

Eventually, an easy and cheapest way to remember/ express this difference is that might suggests a lower probability than does may.


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