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Causes Of Africa’s Underdevelopment.


Honestly, Africa is noted as part of the biggest as well as largest continents in the world.

Africa is known as the second-largest as well as second-populous continent that sums up the whole world.

As a matter of fact, Africa as a larger continent is divided into five subregions which include; Northern Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, Western Africa, and Middle Africa.

But the unfortunate thing Africa is confronting is it’s underdevelopment.

Sincerely, Africa is a continent that’s far behind development. Though, their presidents are really trying their possible best to develop their country together with the entire continent, but their efforts hasn’t projected to the world yet.

Indeed, the factors causing Africa’s underdevelopment comprises of endogenous as well as exogenous factors.

But the major factors that leads to underdevelopment in Africa are as follows; corruption, weak institution, illeteracy, child marriage, high dependence on agriculture, unemployment, economic inequality and many more.


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