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Breaking News: University Of Education, Winneba Lecturer Dies.


University of Education, Winneba (UEW) Ghana is an illustrious and famous educational institution.

University of Education, Winneba was initially established purposely to train students to become qualified, professional and eloquent teachers.

But after some decade the school was established the management thought of transforming the institution from (College) or training of professional teachers only into a full University.

With that, University of Education, Winneba has now become a worldwide University that trains students to become professional teachers and also acquire knowledge and skills into any profession on this anthropogenic dwelling lithosphere.

Unfortunately, it has been sadly and pathetically confirmed that a renowned lecturer of University of Education, Winneba under the faculty of Physical Education (P.E) has parted ways with the living.

The gone soul was recognized officially as Professor Henry Augustine Pufaa.
In point of fact, sadness as well as bitterness has engulfed the atmosphere of University of Education, Winneba.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace till the day of resurrection. Below avails his picture;


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