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Breaking News: Achimota School Rejects Court’s Order.


Achimota School is a renowned Senior High School (SHS) in greater Accra Region, Ghana.

Achimota School is noted as one of the most vibrant and apex schools in Ghana currently. It’s nicknamed, Motown.

Indeed, Achimota School been a noble institution wants to train their students to come out with flying colors and portray courtesy.

With that, the management of Achimota School recently denied dreadlock students admission.

The main gist why the management denied the dreadlock students admission was because of their hair style.

According to the School management, if they admit those students in the school their peers will start to imitate their hair style, so in order to prevent such things they won’t admit them.

The parents of dreadlock students didn’t take the matter kindly so they took the School to court to seek for justice.

Few months after the matter was sent to court in Accra, the court ordered the management of the school to admit the students without hesitation with immediate effect.

Unfortunately, management of the School has boldly refused the Court’s
order to admit the dreadlock students.


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