Home Celebrities Corner Bombshell: Popular Slay Queens Fighting Over A Customer.

Bombshell: Popular Slay Queens Fighting Over A Customer.


It’s very necessary and important for each and everyone to find something beneficial doing which will help put food on his or her table.

With that, it has made people to be running helter skelter searching for jobs to do, but the unfortunate thing is that securing job nowadays has become something else.

The lack of job nowadays has made some ladies to indulge in unnecessary as well as unwarranted and extraneous act by going around “sleeping” with men for money.

Those ladies involve in this act are known publicly as “slay queens”. What they do is to “sleep” with Rich men for money.

Indeed, this is very bad and pathetic. This has led to a fight between two slay queens in Nigeria.

Those slay queens were fighting over a customer who wanted to take one slay queen home which the other one disagreed by saying that the man is her old customer, and that resulted into their fight.


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